UN chief slams North Korea's missile launch

Nuke envoys of S. Korea, US likely to meet next week

UN chief slams North Korea's missile launch

"Testing an ICBM represents a new escalation of the threat to the United States, our allies and partners, the region, and the world", Tillerson said in a statement from the State Department.

TRT World's Nafisa Latic reports.

The launch came as Americans prepared to mark Independence Day, prompting President Donald Trump to urge China - North Korea's main diplomatic ally - to act to "end this nonsense once and for all".

"Any country that hosts North Korean guest workers, provides any economic or military benefits, or fails to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions is aiding and abetting a dangerous regime", Tillerson said in the statement.

Even direct talks with the north are unlikely to result in a nuclear free North Korea. It's also unclear whether North Korea has developed a successful re-entry vehicle, something that's needed to return a warhead to the atmosphere from space so it can hit its intended target.

State television reported it was a Hwasong-14 Intercontinental ballistic missile - a North Korean first. The Pentagon confirmed it was a new ICBM.

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Trump has tweeted about North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch. The airfield is located in North Pyongan Province, which is located in the western part of North Korea.

In June, the U.S. managed to get a new round of sanctions on North Korea passed by the UN Security Council, including a rare "yes" vote from China.

Some experts have said such a missile could reach Alaska but others are doubtful that North Korea has long-range missile capabilities.

Trump in a tweet on Wednesday, however, pointed to a trade increase between Beijing and Pyongyang.

At the request of the U.S., Japan and South Korea, the United Nations Security Council was to hold an emergency session this afternoon.

The video released of North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile appears to confirm it is the previously unseen Hwasong-14.

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