Oculus to launch $200 standalone/wireless Rift headset

Oculus chief executive Brendan Iribe is silhouetted while showing off the new Touch controller for Rift

Oculus chief executive Brendan Iribe is silhouetted while showing off the new Touch controller for Rift

The new information cements the impression that Oculus sees a new line of standalone headsets as a more viable middle ground for virtual reality, sitting between low-end phone holsters like the Samsung Gear VR and pricier high-end headsets like the Rift.

As for specs, Facebook is planning to power the new VR headset with one of Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors. However, considering it's Oculus and the price will reportedly be just $200, this headset may appeal to consumers despite the fact it won't launch at an ideal time. Instead, the company sees PC-connected Rift headsets and mobile phone-powered holsters like Gear VR as completely separate categories that will operate parallel to any standalone VR hardware.

According to Bloomberg, the user-friendly VR headset will open Oculus up to a wider audience, doing for VR what the iPhone did for the smartphone.

Devices like the Pacific and Santa Cruz are steps in the right direction in tapping the full potential of the VR market. Then you might want to check out the HTC Vive.

With the attention the summer sale has brought, Oculus has undoubtedly added a few more customers to its platform.

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On the other hand, the analysts think that the Oculus is having a bad time in getting a proper sale of the VR headsets and so they are trying their ways with the sale.

Zuckerberg has said that Facebook plans to spend billions more on Oculus and developing VR.

Buyers require a gaming computer to use the Rift, and no bundle discount is offered as sale. It can also be controlled by a wireless remote.

Whether the CPU and GPU tech packed into a cheaper, standalone headset could rival the quality of experience provided by the Rift remains to be seen.

When the VR headset first became available, the bundle cost almost $800, but in March, it got a price cut to $598. Oculus is also rewriting the download store, so that it is natively accessible from the device.

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