Venezuelans in South Florida, across world vote in referendum

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Venezuela Plebiscite: What is being Voted, How and Where?

An unofficial poll about Venezuela's future, especially concerning the proposed Constituent Assembly, is now underway.

Voters will be asked three "yes" or "no" questions: Do they reject the creation of a constituent national assembly; do they demand the armed forces obey and defend the current constitution; and do they support the formation of a new government of national unity.

Venezuela's nationwide dry run vote is underway Sunday, ahead of the election of representatives to the National Constituent Assembly to be held on July 30, with the National Electoral Council overseeing preparations for the election.

The legislative election that ended the United Socialist Party's dominance of the National Assembly in 2015 since then the government has postponed every election that was scheduled to take place since then.For ordinary Venezuelans, Sunday's vote was the first opportunity to cast ballots.

Venezuela's opposition called for massive turnout Sunday in a symbolic rejection of Maduro's plans to consolidate his power by rewriting the constitution.

"How does this government dare to even say 'illegitimate' when they have a process in 15 days that is completely out of the constitution", said Beatriz Olavarria.

Authorities have refused to green light a vote that has been presented as an act of civil disobedience and supporters of Mr Maduro boycotted it.

Nonetheless, the vote does not appear to augur a short-term change of government or a solution to the country's political stalemate.

The referendum was held peacefully and just a few incidents were reported, the head of the city university Benjamin Scharifker said.

While the referendum shows that the opposition still has momentum, the people are becoming exhausted with the daily grind of having to find food to survive and the violence of Maduro's paramilitary thugs.

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El presidente Enrique Peña Nieto participó en la Séptima Carrera Molino del Rey y corrió los 10 kilómetros en 52 minutos con 34 segundos.

Television footage of the attack showed a panicked crowd running and screaming while gunshots were heard.

Perez's stunt shocked many in Venezuela, although some suggest it was a false flag operation by the government to distract from the crisis. Illegal and irrelevant is the word they're using.

"In our country, if you speak your mind against the government, you can get killed", Fajardo said.

Fox said he went to Caracas to be "by the side of these heroes, of these magnificent, young millennials, that are ready to die for their nation", and to lend them his expertise.

And they are talking about having the numbers out by as soon as tonight.

In a strange turn of events, opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was put on domiciliary arrest after being three years in a military prison and resisting torture and isolation.

Many suspect that Perez might be a frontman hired by the government to justify its crackdown on opponents.

The Constituent Assembly could last more than a year because two referendums and elections must be convened to determine the constituents, who must discuss for months the issues concerning the new Constitution.

But voters in Sunday's election seemed set to reject the president's controversial plan for a separate referendum in two weeks to elect a citizens' body to revise the constitution.

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