Venezuela jails opposition leaders

Venezuela has faced almost daily protests over recent months

Venezuela has faced almost daily protests over recent months

Maduro had previously said that USA opinion of the Venezuelan election did not matter.

Ledezma was also detained in 2015 and has been under house arrest.

Anti-Maduro protesters blocked streets on Saturday in a last-ditch effort to derail Sunday's election of a "constituent assembly" created to rewrite Venezuela's constitution.

"The bishops are unanimous in their rejection of this new assembly, and we are asking the government to reconsider", Cardinal Urosa told Venezuela news station Globovision the day before the vote.

In February 2014, governmental officials accused Lopez of being responsible for the death of three people during an anti-government protest.

He tweeted: 'Maduro acting like a dictator of an evil regime and has destroyed Venezuelan economy, eroded human rights + imprisoned thousands'.

Matan a director de la policía de Nochistlán
La agresión ocurrió alrededor de las 10:40 horas en pleno centro de la ciudad, en la calle Ignacio T. El baleado fue ingresado en código rojo al Hospital Hidalgo , pero murió minutos después.

The new sanctions won't be a total embargo of all Venezuelan oil, but could include a ban on the sale of USA oil and petroleum products to Venezuela along with financial restrictions on the country's state-owned oil company. There is no information who and where took them away, but they both were driven away in a vehicle with the mark "SEBIN," which is an abbreviation for the intelligence service in Venezuela.

Of the 6,120 candidates in Sunday's election for a 545-member constituent assembly, none are from Venezuela's opposition, which is boycotting what it calls a rigged ballot meant to consummate a dictatorship.

Tuesday night, President Trump condemned "the actions of the Maduro dictatorship". "We don't know where he is or where they're taking him". The vote, held yesterday, wasn't a referendum on the new constituent assembly's existence - that was a given. Of the more than 500 delegates selected, only a handful are top government leaders, believed to be those who will lead and make decisions in the new body.

Maduro has also said he would use the assembly's powers to bar opposition candidates from running in gubernatorial elections in December unless they sit with his party to negotiate an end to hostilities that have generated four months of protests, leaving least 120 dead and almost 2,000 wounded.

Maduro said Monday evening he had no intention of deviating from his plans to rewrite the constitution and go after a string of enemies, from independent Venezuelan news channels to gunmen he claimed were sent by neighboring Colombia to disrupt the vote as part of an global conspiracy led by the man he calls "Emperor Donald Trump".

Officials say more than 40 per cent of Venezuela's 20 million voters cast ballots Sunday. Across the capital on Sunday, dozens of polling places were empty or had a few dozens or hundreds of people outside, orders of magnitude less than the turnout in recent elections.

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