Senate hopes to revive school plan

IL school superintendents speak at hearing about school funding

Could Override of Education Funding Veto Be Unconstitutional? Lawmakers Say Maybe

Rauner's "void in leadership" was because the Illinois House at the last minute inserted special funding provisions for Chicago Public Schools into the bill.

I've charged the General Assembly with ensuring that the new school funding formula serves all the children in our state, with equal respect for disadvantaged children in all regions of Illinois.

Having once been a young reporter sent out to do "Man on the Street" interviews, I could empathize with her. Approaching strangers and asking them about legislative or gubernatorial action is hard, particularly when most folks don't know the particulars.

The proposal is very much in the mix.

The state has one of the largest gaps in the country between spending at wealthy versus poor school districts.

"I'm getting negative feedback from superintendents and the business community on the TIF portion, and I'm also hesitant on the student ratio part of this", McCombie said.

Urbana has three TIF districts, Marlin said, and many of their proceeds are used for capital improvements that benefit the city and schoolchildren, such as sidewalks and streetlights.

Fitch Ratings warned last week that some districts, including junk-rated CPS, could face credit downgrades in the event of an extended school funding impasse.

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Rauner vowed to veto the measure to strip it of the CPS bailout money. 1 "transformative" and said that Rauner's veto "was clearly intended to hurt Chicago, but the result is a great deal of collateral damage to the schools in Champaign and Vermilion counties that I represent". That is the new school funding formula that lawmakers refused to include in the new state budget and caused the state's first missed payment to its schools.

The Senate needs 36 votes to override the amendatory veto.

The Senate returns to the Capitol Sunday, while the House is set to return Wednesday.

Education affords every child the opportunity for the American Dream, regardless of background or family circumstances.

Fresh from headlining Lollapalooza, Chicago native Chance the Rapper is taking aim at Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner via Twitter. "And to use students and families as a political pawn is unconscionable", he said.

Roy Williams Jr., chairman of the education task force of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good, rallies support outside Feitshans Elementary school in Springfield for Senate Bill 1, legislation that revamps the way public schools are funded. Parents and guardians have the right to revoke consent until a teen is 18.

PORT BYRON- Area school districts joined Riverdale school administrators to get lawmakers to fix education funding for Illinois schools.

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