Samsung Galaxy S8 with Oreo spotted on Geekbench

No matter the case (lol), accessories can be a big part of owning a smartphone, so make sure you're covered.

Sony was able to do this by adding DRAM to the third layer of the image sensor and it looks like Samsung will be doing something similar. It also brings bug fixes and performance improvements to the device.

Since Live Messages are animated, replaying the pen strokes in real time, there's a limit to how much you can draw with a Live Message, too - up to 15 seconds worth of active drawing. Additionally, it also includes a few bud fixes and stability improvements as well. Samsung Company is also introducing the individual update program for new Galaxy Note series customers. The device was announced Aug. 23 and released last Friday.

Overall it is a very, very great phone. The phone supports a 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display.

El Apple Watch detectará los problemas del corazón
Esta función se llama Heart Study , disponible a finales de 2017 mientras que WatchOS desde el 19 de septiembre en la App Store. Una de las noticias esperadas en el Apple Event que se realiza en estos momentos, fue la presentación del Apple Watch .

When it comes to storage, we see another upgrade on the Apple front, but still a weakness overall. It is capable of 2 x optical zoom. At the same event, he briefly discussed their ongoing plans of producing the foldable Galaxy Note device. The pre-orders for the Note 8 are open till September 21, 2017, and deliveries will start from this day. The SoC has six CPU cores, with the ability to run all of them simultaneously. The wide-angle lens will be an f1.8, while the telephoto lens will be f2.8.

Apple's tenth anniversary iPhone, iPhone X, has made an appearance on GeekBench benchmarking website and the results show it as a really powerful device. According to the latest numbers from the Korean company (via The Korea Herald), Galaxy Note 8 preorders have hit 800,000 units in Korea in just a week.

The advantage of on-chip memory is that the camera can store many frames very fast – enough to shoot 1,000fps or so for slow-motion video. This smartphone contains a 3300mAh battery. The A11 continues that tradition at an accelerated pace, along with delivering additional neural net, GPU and camera ISP capabilities that aren't even accounted for in benchmark testing.

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