St. Louis Cardinals plunk Anthony Rizzo in first at bat

Chicago Cubs: 5 Reasons They Can Repeat as World Series Champs

Cubs clinch second straight NL Central title, third consecutive trip to postseason

Javier Baez hit a three-run homer in the third inning, but left the game shortly after fouling a pitch off his left leg in the eighth inning.

Homer Bailey fired seven shutout innings as the Red blanked the Brewers 6-0 in Milwaukee. It's the complete defeat. And that's probably what the guy in this video thought to himself when he spent his hard-earned cash on a batch of fresh nachos at the St. Louis Cardinals versus the Chicago Cubs game last night.

Few would be surprised if Chicago brings home its fourth World Series title in franchise history. And sure, you can't say that he's suddenly recaptured his form from one season ago. This photo getting thousands of retweets Tuesday. But he either loses focus or gets too worked up and his loss of composure is often the difference between domination or being dominated. Royals starter Jason Hammel did not allow a hit after giving up a RBI double to James McCann in the third inning.

"I've got to keep telling these kids (young Cubs players) 'Don't take anyone of these for granted". If one didn't smell like a beer after a couple of minutes in there, it was because he wasn't trying. You had three kids arguing and slapping each other in the passenger seat and backseat of the car. I have to back the Cubs in this spot. The Cubs would end the inning up 5-1 and never looked back.

Of course by now you know what happened. The last time they have done such a thing was the 2007 and 2008 season when Lou Pinella was the manager. The Cubs have won eight of the last 10 meetings and the over-under is 5-4-1. New York still hopes to chase down first-place Boston in the AL East, but is likely to host Minnesota in the one-game playoff next Tuesday night. They won't win more than 93 games this year, but took advantage of a frequently stalled division. The series at Busch Stadium concludes this evening.

Ornamentos de Birdseed - bendiciones que desbordan
La semana antes de la Navidad mis muchachos y yo disfrutamos haciendo ornamentos del birdseed para dar como regalos. Finalmente, agregamos un poco de cordel y lo atamos en un lazo para que los adornos se pudieran colgar en un árbol.

"Not so fast", said the bottom half of the order. That eliminated the Brewers from contention for the division crown. I mean, ballpark food is expensive. I'm not saying that I want to see anyone injured. Too many off-the-field distractions is the obvious candidate.

Wacha's numbers are much better when goes through a lineup the first time. DeWitt's forward-thinking vision was brilliant and played a substantial role in sustaining his team's high level of success.

Russell was happy to oblige, with the fan later tweeting the night had been unforgettable.

Throughout the 2017 season, it became evident those changes weren't substantial enough. He's a stud and studs are expensive. That combo doesn't usually happen in such an ample manner as the Cubs managed. Don't refuse Lance Lynn money and pull another Mike Leake move.

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