US should scrap shipping restrictions on storm-ravaged Puerto Rico — McCain

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US should scrap shipping restrictions on storm-ravaged Puerto Rico — McCain

"And we need to employ them". John McCain, R-Ariz., to introduce legislation Thursday to exempt Puerto Rico from a federal shipping law to help Hurricane Maria recovery efforts.

New York congressional Republicans had pleaded with Trump to retain the tax breakover concerns it would hit New Yorkers hard and amount to an unfair double tax. Now foreign-flagged vessels also will be able to move shipments from the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico and between ports there. The message linked to a statement urging the Trump Administration to waive the Jones Act and to extend the period of time that the island is exempt from matching funds for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster relief. If it weren't for the higher costs imposed by the Jones Act restrictions, for instance, it would often make sense to carry Midwestern grain to the East Coast by sea. "Tens of thousands have been left homeless".

Critics also call the law a protectionist relic, and the Wall Street Journal editorialized this week that it should be permanently repealed. In recent decades, however, big U.S. cargo operators like Sealand and American President Lines have disappeared, pushed aside or bought out by bigger European and Asian carriers that often register their vessels in such far-flung locations as Liberia that offer what's known as "flags of convenience" with loose labor and regulatory standards. Just after the latter, it donated $350,000 to some relief organizations. All this is evidence to Rubio that DOD needs to take control.

That's not the case with the obsolete and misguided Jones Act.

Topalova, the IMF researcher, said that people who leave Puerto Rico because of Maria may have a harder time finding their feet in their new homes. "We will not be deterred by this cowardly attempt at intimidation", Aw said, adding the university and campus police had opened an investigation.

Elaine Duke, acting secretary at the Homeland Security Department, said more than 90 percent of the island now has limited accessibly and 200 gas stations are open.

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"In Puerto Rico, the storm is so unusual in that it covers the entire territory after another storm just passed through, after the fiscal constraints they're operating under, these create some new challenges", Rubio said.

Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert said 10,000 federal forces are on the island, including 7,200 troops.

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White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Trump waived the Jones Act in response to a request from the island's governor, Ricardo Rossello.

Food, medical supplies and clean water are scarce on the island, which is still mostly without power. The housing market in those cities may not be able to accommodate that kind of influx, according to Jesse Keenan, an expert on climate adaptation at Harvard University.

"I think they care, I think they want to respond", Rubio said. "This is strangling", Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-N.Y.) told The Hill.

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