The Pixel 2 beats the iPhone 8 Plus' camera on DxOMark

Credit Evan Blass

Credit Evan Blass

As it stands, Samsung is the only company that makes the OLED displays, NAND flash, and DRAM chip - all of which are needed in mass quantities to make Apples iPhones.

But the new iPhones have now been joined at the top of the rankings by Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, the company's first dual-camera phone. Of the two, Samsung's phone is the one you'd want for portraits or capturing a fast-moving scene.

Google has managed to provide a great camera for sure, but what really makes a big leap in the performance of the phone's camera is its artificial intelligence that's giving it a palpable lead over Apple's brilliant camera chops.

The company expects to post record sales this year on the back of its strong performance in the smartphone business. With the newest iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sharing the number one spot with a score of 94, all eyes were on Google and they didn't disappoint.

The question is: how much does this influence your choice of device? The DSLR-like soft backgrounds are added to the photo while it's being taken. "For example, when you go to bed at night, with a simple 'good night' your Assistant can silence your phone, turn off the lights, set your alarm and more". Some experts say given the pricing-starting at Rs 61,000-the sales volumes of the new models could well be twice that of the inaugural Pixel models, in India and globally. One notable thing that was spotted with the Pixel 2 is that it scored the highest on DxOMark, the controversial benchmark site for smartphone cameras.

Meanwhile, Samsung India is consolidating its leadership in India - with its market share (in terms of value) rising from 43 per cent in July to 46 per cent in August, according to the latest report from the market research firm GfK.

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However, the first launches of any such products are likely to be small runs, possibly limited to select regions where these new designs will have the most appeal.

Google's Pixel 2 series can stir up competition in the premium segment and give the likes of Apple and Samsung a tough fight, given its competitive pricing, but a lot would depend upon the US search major's marketing initiatives given that its rivals have had a head start in the crucial festival season.

The Note 8's advantages chiefly come through its secondary camera, relatively noiseless low-light photography and lightning-quick autofocus.

Google Lens is a new feature that is debuting with Pixel 2 smartphones in preview.

For Android fans around the world, Google's annual Pixel event has become the Mecca for its die-hard worshipers.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL both have an aluminium unibody with hybrid coating. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 has regularly seen deals since it launched, with many bringing it below the $600 mark and some hitting $570, not to mention persistent buy-one-get-one deals from carriers. "It is not a value-for-money product", Sidharath Arya, who came to check the latest iPhones at iWorld in Kamla Nagar in North Delhi, told IANS. With the same hardware inside, the phones are left to duke it out with their looks and capabilities. Further down the line, the prospect of flexible products will keep the technology relevant for years to go.

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